Site Plan & Features for Storage Condominiums in Michigan

North Star Commercial Condominiums - Click Here to Download the Artistic Rendition of the Site Plan...North Star Condominiums offers you several options for luxury storage condominiums in Michigan. You have the option for using the space for just storage, the option to use it as a office and storage area, and, in some cases, you even have the option for using the space commercially.

  • 2½ acres on US 31 North, between Charlevoix & Petoskey
  • Two buildings, one with views of Lake Michigan, one with views of a beautiful, mixed forest
  • Huge paved service area easily accommodates any size tow rig
  • All concrete curb-and-gutter perimeter to parking area
  • Full 3" thick asphalt, 6" thick exterior concrete walks
  • Security lighting
  • All surface water drained to retention basins via modern storm water system
  • Community water and septic systems
  • Gorgeous perimeter landscaping
  • Front signage available for commercial operation


For more information about storage condominiums in Michigan,
contact Ken at 231-582-9709.


Additional Documentation

[ Site Plan (Legal) ]   [ Main Level Blueprint ]   [ Mezzanine Level Blueprint ]   [ North & East Elevations ]   [ South & West Elevations ]


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